Reporting a Claim


How should we report our claims?

The NDIRF uses independent insurance agents. Each NDIRF member has an agent (whom the member has chosen). Claims should be reported directly to the independent agent. The agent will complete a loss report form to email CLAIMS at NDIRF. Once the NDIRF receives the loss report, a claim file will be set up. Supporting documents such as auto estimates, police reports, photos, letters, emails, Summons and Complaints, etc., should also be provided to your agent to submit with the loss report. When the claim file has been set up, appropriate action will be taken by the claims department to determine liability and damages.


How should a claim be reported when our first notice is the service of a Summons and Complaint?

Generally, the reporting of these claims is the same as any other claim. Please report to your independent agent and provide him or her with a copy of the Summons and Complaint. The agent will then forward a loss report to the NDIRF. However, please remember that there is normally a 20-day time limit to answer the Complaint from the date of service (otherwise you could be in default and a judgment may be entered against you). Please promptly report and email the Summons and Complaint to CLAIMS at NDIRF. The claims department will immediately make arrangements to file a notice of appearance and an answer to the Complaint to avoid a default judgment.