April 2020 Edition: Top five most popular LocalGovU courses

Published: 5/27/20 (Wed)

We recently tabulated the results from the number of LocalGovU courses taken by NDIRF members in April 2020, discovering the following to be the top five most popular courses taken. The course names and descriptions are written as provided in LocalGovU.

Successful Customer Interactions: One-hour course
There is a strong correlation between customer satisfaction and the success of a business or department. Welcoming customers means working to create satisfied customers from the inside-out. When local government creates satisfied customers, we create empowered and informed citizens. In this course, learners will discover how to interact as co-workers and service providers. We will also cover understanding the customer goal and how to create goals that will lead to successful customer interactions.

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace: One-hour course
Improper behavior in the workplace may have significant consequences both for yourself and your employer. If you are a victim of sexual harassment, this may create a hostile work environment which takes a toll on your career, your personal life, and your health. Recognizing what sexual harassment is, both the subtle cues as well as the overt advances, will help you to identify potential warning signs and take the necessary steps to report sexual harassment.

Workplace Bullying: One-hour course
When we think of bullying, we immediately associate it with the school yard, certainly not something we face as an adult. Unfortunately, bullying in the workplace occurs more often than you think. In fact, there are various forms of bullying, from overt forms to those which are quite passive. Workplace bullying may have significant consequences for those involved, for yourself as an employee as well as your employer. A thorough understanding of workplace bullying will help promote awareness and ultimately prevention.

Developing Effective Communication Skills: One-hour course
Communicating with coworkers, clients, and management is a core activity for most positions. If you communicate effectively, you are more likely to achieve success in your career and personal life. Being a good listener and knowing how to write effective documents will also ensure your success as a communicator. This course will provide you with tools and suggestions on how to accomplish this goal.

Computer Security Basics: One-hour course
Technological advances have allowed the world to be more interconnected and for more business to occur online. While beneficial, the increase in online activity has led to an increase in online criminal activity. Daily, hackers and nefarious actors attempt to steal data, gain unauthorized access to systems, and cause damage. This course will equip you with best practices and tools to navigate online safely and securely using modern technology.

LocalGovU is the NDIRF’s online training platform which provides thousands of professional development courses at no cost to NDIRF members and their employees. The topics offered range from customer service to hazardous chemicals, equipment safety to COVID-19 responses, and even an extensive catalogue of law enforcement courses approved for continuing education credit by the North Dakota POST Board. Credit can be used to fulfill 20 of the 60 North Dakota POST training hours required every three years.

To log into LocalGovU or create your free profile, visit ndirf.com and click on “Training.”

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