NDPHIT Update and FAQ

Published: 7/21/20 (Tue)

We shared the following North Dakota Public Health Insurance Trust (NDPHIT) update in our Summer Participator to inform members who expressed interest in participating in NDPHIT about when they can expect to receive pricing information. Additionally, this update informed members who may be interested in participating in NDPHIT in the future about how they can contact Hays Companies directly or the NDIRF at NDPHIT@ndirf.com. 

"NDIRF members interested in participating in the North Dakota Public Health Insurance Trust (NDPHIT) must have submitted their information to NDPHIT or Hays Companies by May 15, 2020, to receive pricing estimates for the upcoming term. Organizations that have not submitted their information by this time may not be eligible for coverage in the 2021 term.

Hays Companies has compiled the information received from our members and has set June 30 as its deadline for receiving pricing information from local carriers. Once pricing information is received, Hays Companies will share the information with schools in the estimated July 1-15, 2020, timeline and non-school political subdivisions in the estimated July 15-31, 2020, timeline. Hays Companies provided an estimated timeline and further information in June via email to NDIRF members who expressed interest in participating in NDPHIT.

If your organization is interested in learning more about NDPHIT, please contact us at NDPHIT@ndirf.com."

Whether your organization did or did not submit the required forms to obtain pricing information through NDPHIT for the 2021 plan year, you can learn more about NDPHIT, including benefits of participation, long-term Fund goals, and participation instructions by clicking here to view our NDPHIT FAQ.

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