Reporting a Claim to the NDIRF

Published: 7/31/18 (Tue)

Fortunately, most members of the NDIRF rarely, if ever, have occasion to report a claim.  However, claims are made and it is important that you know what to do if one is received.

The normal procedure to follow if a claim is made against your entity is to immediately contact your political subdivision’s insurance agent and report the claim.  The agent will then obtain any initial information needed and notify the NDIRF.  The agent is independent of the NDIRF and is paid a commission to service your account, so they are an integral part of the process. 

A notice should also be provided to your agent, even if no formal claim has been submitted, if you are aware of an accident or other situation that has occurred and you suspect that a claim is likely to be made eventually.

An example of a possible claim that has not yet been made but that should be reported is a situation where an automobile accident has occurred on a township or county road, resulting in an injury.  Townships and counties are frequently sued over these types of incidents, alleging improper condition, maintenance or signing of the roadway.   Early reporting of these events to your agent allows the NDIRF to immediately investigate the circumstances and assists in efficient handling of the claim if one is made at a later time.

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