The impact of COVID-19 on health insurance, Part II

Published: 4/14/20 (Tue)

Leveraging its health insurance industry expertise, Hays Companies shared information about its upcoming webinars in which its employees help explain COVID-19’s financial impact on health insurance. Hays Companies will host a second webinar (Part II) this Thursday, April 16, to further discuss:

  • Member Costs vs. Plan Costs – While the marketplace is focusing on eliminating member cost, the better question is, what’s going to happen to plan cost?
  • Do the elevated costs to a fully-insured plan in 2020 just disappear? Does it have an impact on the self-insured marketplace?
  • Opportunity presents itself – Why self-insured might be a far better alternative to fully-insured for many employers going forward.
  • How does COVID impact stop loss pricing and are there opportunities for self-insured health plans to capitalize on it?

Click here to learn more and to register for this approximately one-hour webinar today!

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