About Claims


The North Dakota Insurance Reserve Fund recognizes the importance of fast and fair claims resolution.  No one wants a claim, but it can happen at any time.  Coverage for a liability or property loss is not often thought about until an event occurs, in which case, the NDIRF Claims Department has a team of experienced personnel to handle the claims and guide you through the claims process.

Our goal is to provide fast and fair claims service by promptly paying those claims we owe and denying those we don’t.
The NDIRF Claims Department has the expertise to handle a wide variety of claims particular to local government of North Dakota. Our investigations are conducted by our in-house staff.

The NDIRF has retained an experienced team of North Dakota attorneys to help defend our members. It is our policy to utilize the most qualified legal personnel to aggressively defend litigation brought against our members.  North Dakota attorneys defending North Dakota!


To report a claim, click on Reporting a Claim for steps and forms to complete.


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