Lexipol Partnership





Partner with the NDIRF and Lexipol to Enhance your Law Enforcement Policies and Procedures

Operating a law enforcement agency brings countless challenges. Law enforcement leaders must keep up with frequent changes in laws and regulations, maintain positive community relations and ensure officer safety — all with reduced funding. Many agencies rely on outdated, inadequate policies for guidance on these complex issues. That in turn leaves them vulnerable to physical, financial and political risks.

Who is Lexipol?

Lexipol is America’s leading source of state-specific policy and training solutions helping law enforcement agencies reduce risk, lower litigation costs and improve personnel safety. Delivered via an online platform and mobile app, Lexipol’s content is continuously updated to address legislative changes and evolving best practices.

Lexipol’s Law Enforcement Policies and Training solution provides:

  • State-specific policies vetted by public safety professionals and public safety attorneys

  • Updates in response to legislation, case law and evolving best practices

  • Daily, scenario-based training to bring policy to life

  • 24/7 access to your policies via a web-based platform and mobile app

Using accountability tools and integrated training, Lexipol provides a cost-effective way for agencies to enhance policy compliance and understanding. This allows leaders to focus more resources on serving their communities. Plus, there is no need for outdated paper binders when an easily searchable, cloud-based system makes policy and training available anytime, anywhere.

Agencies using Lexipol experience fewer payouts and personnel show a greater understanding of ever-changing laws, leading to safer communities.

Lexipol’s policy and training content is developed by a team of dedicated individuals who represent a combined 2,075 years of experience in public safety. Lexipol is also a thought leader, featuring subject matter experts bringing you information via white papers, blogs, educational videos and webinars on timely topics, legal trends and industry developments that pose risk to law enforcement officers and agencies.

Currently Lexipol offers policy management solutions to more than 3,300 agencies in 35 states. For additional information, visit www.lexipol.com.

If you have any further questions, contact Corey Olson, Risk Services Manager at the NDIRF, at 701-751-9107 or corey.olson@ndirf.com.