NDIRF’s Weigel Retires


The North Dakota Insurance Reserve Fund (NDIRF) today announces the retirement of Administrative Technical Assistant Dawn Weigel. Weigel served NDIRF members and employees for the past 29 years, playing a large role in the organization’s coverage renewal processes for the NDIRF and North Dakota State Fire and Tornado Fund (NDFT) and maintaining coverage records and member profile information. She also supported the organization’s CFO and finance department by performing routine invoicing and payment processing, and she leveraged her artistic interest and talents to help build the foundation of the organization’s communications and marketing efforts.

NDIRF employees have valued the opportunity to work alongside Weigel, citing her commitment to delivering a high level of service to internal and external stakeholders as well as her friendly demeanor and strong interpersonal skills.

“Dawn has been an invaluable employee,” shared CEO Brennan Quintus. “In particular, as our operation has become more and more complex, her role has become more and more complex, and she’s done a great job of adapting to those changes and delivering services at a high level.”

“She’s been one of our employees who has really embraced the many changes we’ve made recently, as well as over the years, and has stepped up and done a fantastic job,” he continued.

Weigel’s last day in the office is Friday, May 28, during which NDIRF employees will hold a celebration to recognize Weigel for her nearly 30 years of service at the NDIRF and congratulate her on the beginning of her next chapter.