Violent Event Coverage is now available for all NDIRF member School Districts




In recognition of the ever evolving exposures to our members, the NDIRF has created a coverage form to assist North Dakota School Districts with a response to a violent event occurring on their premises. The Violent Event Coverage Form is available for you review. To review this and other NDIRF forms, go to the Risk Services tab and click on Coverage Forms at


In addition to the creation of the Violent Event Coverage Form, the NDIRF has also partnered with the North Dakota School Boards Association to provide Threat Assessment training to school districts throughout North Dakota this past summer and will look to provide the training again in the future. For additional information about the NDIRF’s broad range of coverage and services provided to North Dakota local government, please contact our office.


For coverage or rating information, please contact NDIRF Liability Underwriter Elaine Markwart by email at or by phone at 701-224-1988.


For general inquiries regarding NDIRF coverage or services, please contact NDIRF Risk Services Manager Corey Olson by email at or by phone at 701-224-1988.