Agent FAQs

1.   How do I obtain a quote from the NDIRF?

The NDIRF will require a coverage application for each line being requested. Depending on the line being requested, we will also require vehicle or equipment schedules. If the account is new to the NDIRF, we will also require up to 5 years of loss history information. Applications are available in .pdf format on our website or you can also contact our underwriting department with any questions or concerns. All necessary information can be emailed to Scott Faehnrich for General Liability and Brenda Flesness for Auto and Public Assets. You can also fax your information to 701-224-0609.

2.   What coverage does the NDIRF offer?

The NDIRF currently offers General Liability, Commercial Auto, and Public Assets coverage (similar to traditional inland marine coverages). Within our General Liability coverage, there is an option to include Governance Liability and Professional Liability. For more specific information, please contact the respective underwriter or refer to our coverage documents located on our website.

3.   Do I need to be appointed with the NDIRF before I am able to obtain a quote?

No. The NDIRF does not have specific agency appointments.

4.   How do I submit changes to the NDIRF?

You can submit change requests to the respective underwriter, depending on the line of coverage. For General Liability Coverage, contact Scott Faehnrich  and for Auto and Public Assets, contact Brenda Flesness. You can also fax your change request to 701-224-0609.

5.   Where can I find sample memorandums of coverage and endorsements?

You can find sample coverage documents under the risk services tab on our website. If you are the agent of record for one of our members and have a question regarding the policy details of that specific member, please contact the respective underwriter.

6.   Does NDIRF offer an ACH (electronic payment) option for Agency payments?

Yes, you can download the form from our Reference Section / NDIRF Updates page.